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Passive Income


Passive Income

Internet is a magic using which you can become a hero from zero. The internet is responsible for many wonderful things, it lets you shop whenever and wherever you want and lets you see and talk to your loved ones whether you're with them or not.

And if you have some skills, the Internet can be a great place for you to develop income-producing assets. Income-producing assets are products you create or invest in, that earn passive income.

What is Passive Income?

Imagine that you are sleeping and even at that time you are earning money.

Is it Possible? ....... Absolutely yes..

This is what we call passive income, in which we do not need to do a lot of active work. But that doesn't mean there's never a need to work. To earn passive income, you have to put up an asset up front and you will generate income from that asset in the future. The asset could be your time, it could be your expertise, it could be your money, or it can even be your car.

Why do we need passive income?

We are witness to a pandemic, this pandemic has taught us a lesson, nothing is permanent in life. Lots of people lost their jobs in the COVID 19 pandemic and those whose only source of income was their jobs, faced a lot of problems. They had to struggle a lot to meet their daily needs.
So after this, it is well understood that single income source can be very dangerous and we have to create multiple income streams to face any such situation ahead so that we can secure our future.

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