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Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income From Affiliate Marketing

Today we will go into detail about another very effective passive income source which can help you a lot in your journey of becoming financially free. So this source of income is Affiliate Marketing. This is the most powerful method in today's era, which if you adopt properly can change your life.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing you promote or sell products or services of any company on your website, blog, youtube channel or any other online platform and earn commission. Affiliate gets commission every time someone makes a purchase through their unique link.

This complete guide is enough to make you a successful affiliate. Read it completely and follow every step properly. Let's get started.

Beginner Friendly 'A - Z" Road-map for doing Affiliate Marketing the right way!

1. Choose a niche

Doing niche research is most important thing one should do to make sure that your affiliate business has high earning potential and you can make money for longer time period.

There are basically 4 main and major niches in Affiliate Marketing; Health, Wealth Relationships and Spirituality. All categories fall under these main niches.

You can choose any of these niches as per your interest and convenience.

There are many products available in the market in all niches, it totally depends on you which product you want to promote. Although there are a few vital factors that will need to be considered, such as

  • It should be less competitive so that it is easier for you to convert your audience.
  • You must be well aware of your niche. For that you have to narrow down the niche topic, meaning you should work on micro or nano niches. Syntax for may be; Main Niche èSub Categories èYour Product

    For Example

    Health è Weight Loss èKeto Diet


    Health èWeight Loss èWorkout èGym Equipment

  • You should have enough interest in your niche so that if you need to learn something new or trendy about your niche then you will enjoy it instead of getting bored

Now the question arises; where do you find products or services for whatever niche you have chosen? Next step is the answer for this question.

2. Choose Profitable Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

You can find the product in two ways

  • From direct Affiliate Program of the company; the information about Affiliate Program is always there in the website of any company (usually in the footer section)
  • From Affiliate Network; Affiliate networks give you access to tons of affiliate programs and you can control everything from a single dashboard.

There are a lot of marketing networks where you can sign up as an affiliate and find number of different products of different categories.

Some of the common affiliate platforms and networks are

  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associates
  • CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)
  • Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare)
  • Avangate Affiliate Network
  • ClickBank
  • FlexOffers
  • Refersion
  • eBay Partner Network (EPN)
  • JVZoo
  • LeadDyno / E-Commerce Affiliates
  • MaxBounty

3. Do Some Research


A work done with a lot of hard work and enough knowledge never fails, so before starting any work, understand that work well. Here you will need to do a thorough research on the following factors

  • the sources of promotion; which platform will be good for the product or service you have chosen (Blog, Website or any Social media platform)
  • Market Demand
  • Marketing Technique you are going to use
  • Audience
  • Competition
  • Product Price
  • Some basic tools that you can use for content creation.

By doing this, there will be no fear of getting stuck somewhere in future and you will never be disappointed.

4. Choose the right platform to promote the product

Platform for Affiliate Marketing

Which platform to choose depends on your topic or product. Different platforms may be suitable for different products.

If you want to promote clothing or home decor products then their image will attract your audience, Instagram can be the best platform for this.

If you are promoting an online course, then you can make a review video of it where you will tell why you chose this course, how did you benefit from this course and what benefits could it bring to your audience? So here a YouTube video or a review blog can help you.

So to promote any such product, you can select one or more platforms.

5. Quality Content Creation


You've got everything setup; Research done, niche selection, product selection, platform to promote, everything is done now it is time for a very important step on which your earning depends.

Yes, we are talking about content, through which you will tell your audience about your product; what your product is, how it works, what its benefits are, or how to use it.

You have to create a quality content, a content in which you give value to your visitors. It will convert your audience into customer and you will get earning from this.

Let's say you're promoting a company's domain and hosting service. So by telling your audience that these services are good, you can't convert them to buy it.

You must describe that service in depth; why is it good, how good its customer support is, its security, how affordable its price is, how user-friendly it is and much more.

6. Stay current with the trends.

There is tough competition in the Affiliate Marketing sector. You have to adapt to any new trends to stay competitive. You have to take some time out of your schedule and engage in learning. You do not need to learn every technology, but you must learn some of them which are new in the market and beneficial to your marketing strategy, then only you will be able to increase your conversion rate and generate better revenue.

One thing should be kept in mind that none of the available jobs is a plan to get rich quick. It requires a lot of hard work, time and most importantly consistency which makes you successful.

If you want to save your time

  • No more writing blog post
  • No more 'organic reach' FB posts
  • No closed down ad accounts
  • No more "faking it until you make it"
  • No more wasting hours on endless "Free Traffic" loop holes that never work
Use a simple 4-Step cycle formula with our AFFILIATE MILLIONAIRE Guide